Irish Culture Workshops

Learn about Irish Culture first hand with a private workshop!

Enjoy an evening of Irish Culture

The workshop can be as long/short as you please, and can include.

  • Gaelic Lesson
  • Irish Sport
  • Irish Song
  • Irish Product Bucket List

The Workshop takes place in a town centre location in Ennis.


Irish Culture Workshop
€15 Euro per person

Groups (15 +)
Please inquire about our group rates here!

Many Thanks for the Private Tour

We had a private tour- just the two of us with Ollie- and as a native of the place, he gave us great insight on all things Ennis and many things Ireland. He was much more fun than someone with a planned verbatim speech and a microphone, which can be more typical of walking tours. Ollie was pretty exceptional as a tour guide

— Hannah O'Resko, Boulder, Colorado

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