Darren O'Conner

Darren O'Conner


€60 per person

Max. 4 people

During this 3 hour unique experience, you will make your very own organic chocolate bar from scratch with guidence from our master chocolatiere. 

1. We will start out by tasting what we are going to be making.

2. You can choose the flavour.

3. Next, we will discuss how the chocolate is made and what makes good chocolate.

4. You will then learn how to temper the chocolate and the potential pitfalls that commonly cause the chocolate to fall out of temper.

5. Next, we will make the chocolate from raw melted cacao into a finalized shiny bar of chocolate and finish by wrapping up the final product to be brought home or eaten later.

There will be lots of laughs, conversation and messy chocolate faces throughout! 



Darren is a chocolatier and foodie. He has been making chocolate for over 5 years and runs his own successful chocolate business. He loves chat and fun and does'nt take himself too seriously. He is a family man with a love for meeting new people.



Monday - Friday   (Year Round)

10am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm